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Unique Films Fueled by Three Virtues.

I've loved filmmaking, media, and entertainment for as long as I can remember. Since the age of 14, I've been directing, producing, editing, and distributing video content to the world through my own media production company, Generation Z Gadgets.  Since then, I've racked up over 200,000 total video views.  Beyond my personal space, however, I have worked at a wide variety of media production companies all over the world (New York, Seoul, San Jose, Dubai). 

In addition, I am a recruited NCAA Division 1 athlete for Duke University!  I also speak two other languages, Korean and Spanish, and can operate in a professional setting where either is spoken.

I am currently in my third year at Duke University, but am still available for either in-area or remote services!  Please contact me if you would like me to edit or create something for you.


In a field where bohemia and free spiritedness often subdue reason, we could all use a little more logic.

I was raised in a family full of lawyers, doctors, engineers, and accountants - all people with Type A mindsets.  Naturally, I developed a similar mindset, and now I directly apply it to my filmmaking work.  I advertise a feature in my productions called "creative logic," a new brand of thinking that balances my raw creativity and passion with a levelheaded, meticulous approach.

I approach every project systematically, appropriately researching and planning prior to production.  I set deadlines and I meet them.  I utilize effectively proven, industry-grade strategies in filmmaking and marketing.



Because what would art be without a vision?

While I'm a very organized, level-headed person, there's no doubt I have a raw and fierce passion for what I do.  I've been enamored with the film world for my entire living memory.  In every one of my projects I immerse myself in my work.  I painstakingly strive to create something never before created.  All in all, I assure you I have a unique creative vision that compliments my existing work ethic.



Unlike others, filmmaking isn't my defining trait.

While I've certainly been involved in content creation for a long time, what makes me unique is my versatility.  Beyond the creative world, I am an NCAA Division I athlete with All-American honors.  I speak three languages - English, Spanish, and Korean - and I can converse with clients in any of them.  I've gained worldwide & multilingual experience that very few possess, working in offices in New York, Seoul, and Dubai.  I possess a working knowledge of consumer technology, which has proven to be extremely helpful in past projects.  I am also an active confirmed member of my presbyterian church in New York.

For you, the client, my versatility translates into an ability to work uninterfered in virtually any context, no matter the project.            


Academic Background


Duke University

Bachelor of Arts

2020 - 2024

English, B.A.

Cinematic Arts, Minor

Cum. GPA: 3.91/4.00


Collegiate School

High School Diploma

Literary Magazine Editor of Prose

2012 - 2020


Language Testing International

Certificate in Spanish speaking proficiency


Professional Qualifications









Native/bilingual proficiency



Native/bilingual proficiency



Native/bilingual proficiency



Elementary reading proficiency

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